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2015 ScotDance Canada Info:

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Tues Update: Due to much difficulty in identifying your dancer we have implemented a web gallery for you to view and tag/fav your remaining photos.

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All photos are now uploaded!

Please only tag/fav one dancer per order code as each selection list will be manually approved.

To tag simply click on the heart icon - you only need to tag days you missed at our stations.

Once you are finished tagging all photos of your dancer simply click on the red heart icon at the top of the page and pick SHARE (please only share with us your list after you have tagged all photos from all days). Within the share window check Send to Photographer - make sure you also input your order code in the message.

1) If your already tagged photos and checked out your order code at our booth stations you order code is now live and your photos are available.

2) If you only tagged some photos and have not checked out and waiting for us to tag the remaining Thursday and/or Friday photos please follow above to tag your remaining images. If you enter an unchecked out order code you will get order code not found.

Thank you very much for your business and your patience as we work to get these awesome photos to you.

Easy 1-2-3 :

1. Enter your order code.

2. Tap open icon     on photo view to open original.

3. Tap & hold image to save on devices. Save photo file on desktops.

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